Coulda, Woulda & Shoulda



Join us for the Salvation Army’s Fore Kids to Camp golf tournament today at noon at Baytree National.  Your foursome is only $300 and it’s a great cause and fun time!

As we get the show going today we have an “I told you so” moment regarding President George W. Bush and his comments that were incorrectly described as being critical of President Trump.  How about an “I could have told you so” moment with Colin Kaepernick as he hopes to land another NFL job…that practice he got all season kneeling may just help him beg for a job.  And then a “didn’t your mother tell you about a balanced diet” moment as improper diet has caused one vegan to go nuts!  If alien life exists and government knew about it, would they tell the public?  Should the judge in the Casey Anthony trial be speaking out about what he thought happened?  It is a bit unseemly to me!  Can Congress find its way to fixing Obamacare or are the Republicans up to their old tricks?

Florida Today’s Bob Gabordi is with us at 8am and we have to ask…is it bias or forgetfulness?

Georgetown students don’t get free speech

Kaepernick to stand…IF he’s at the games!

I told you vegans are nuts…and dangerous!

Would government tell us about alien life?

What I said: G. W. Bush didn’t criticize the president

R’s tripping over Obamacare do over

Anthony judge thinks Casey killed Caylee

Melbourne dumps cash into housing project

Gabordi: Facts and numbers

The story in question…bias or forgetfulness?

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