You Deplorable, Demonic People You!

Joel Tooley is a local minister. He’s also a tool of the left. He condemned those of us who were at President Trump’s rally and were enthused by the rally, or enthused at the rally, as being demonic and that the “demonic activity was palpable.” How political enthusiasm was confused by this pastor as being religious fervor is baffling. You’d think in his profession it would be easy to distinguish between the two. That is, unless government IS your religion, as it is for many on the left. Tooley’s saga was outlined by The Washington Post.

Attendees singing along with God Bless the USA as it played over the sound system and raising their hands was compared by Tooley with religious services where emotion allows for loud voices and raising of hands. He said the experience made him uncomfortable. Then why did he stay and expose his daughter to such a spectacle? Is she as confused about religion and emotion as her father is? She may be now.

Tooley said the scene sent shivers down his spine. He felt, that’s a key word, “felt like people were here to worship an ideology along with the man who was leading it.” He again defined the enthusiasm as “religious zeal.”

Did he not understand that these people, gathered to see President Trump, had survived the Obama years in the White House understanding that there would be another election and they would have the opportunity to, at least in their minds, right the country? This president was going to do just that. In fact, he had already started doing so in his short month in office. They were justified in their enthusiasm. They voted for real hope and change and were actually seeing it take place!

The well orchestrated event had music from the movie Air Force One playing as the president’s plane pulled up to the hangar. Tooley, failing to understand the dynamics of a campaign event, took this to task as turning the event into a pep rally.

The First Lady approached the microphone and after opening comments recited the Lord’s Prayer. The crowd appreciated that from Mrs. Trump. They joined her…and cheered at the prayer’s end. Tooley said it made him feel sick…there he goes with feelings instead of facts again! It “felt” theatrical and manipulative…I suppose because us demons in the crowd don’t really appreciate prayer?

Tooley recounted his version of protesters in the crowd and how Trump supporters reacted to them. If he accurately described the Trump supporters' words and actions, they are deserving of condemnation. Tooley wrote a story of his heroism in saving a couple of ladies and little girls, one in a wheelchair (to make the story even better I would imagine), from the angry Trump supporters! He became the central figure in the story as opposed to the now speaking President of the United States. He and his emotional reaction to the enthusiastic crowd was now the story. And if we believe the tale, he put his daughter at risk to save the ladies and their daughters.

Tooley, while a pastor is likely not a psychic. I have never heard him on Coast to Coast AM overnight on WMMB. Yet, he claims to know what’s in President Trump’s heart. He claims the fear in the room was palpable (like the demonic activity, I suppose). Anger and vengeance were, in his words, thick. He asserted that President Trump was counting on that. This charlatan has no clue what President Trump was feeling or thinking as the crowd showered appreciation on him. It certainly wasn’t stoking them to a riot as Tooley suggested.

What we have here is a leftist minister (and how those two go together I will never understand) displaying his prejudice against those of us on the right and the man we elected to right the wrongs inflicted on this nation in the last 8 years.

Joel Tooley has served, in this attack on good people, to discredit himself, the anti-Trump crowd, and sadly, the Melbourne First Church of the Nazarene where he is still the lead pastor. Had the president been here on a Sunday and wanted to worship at Tooley’s church, would he have been welcome? It hardly seems so and if that is accurate, Tooley has also discredited his own boss, the Lord God Almighty.

That, my friends, is pretty sad.

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