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Haven’t you just wanted to see an illegal immigration activist get busted when making an impassioned plea to be allowed to break American immigration law?  Well, take a look at our first story!  The NCAA still thinks far too much of itself and is very inconsistent when it comes to gambling…after all, who created the March Madness bracket idea?  Brevard Schools has a conundrum…what do they do with all that tax money we are supplying them?  Governor Scott is doubling down on stupid in the Enterprise and Visit Florida battle with the Florida House.  Representative Randy Fine, taking the high road in these talks with the governor, you know that road the governor can’t find, will join us in our second hour today.  Who wrote the president’s NOT the State of the Union Address?  What happens now that the address was delivered?  Mike Haridopolos joins us in our 8am hour to talk those issues and more.

Loving justice when timed this well

NCAA goes too far…again

BCS: all this tax money, where to spend it?

Governor Scott continues doubling down on stupid

Who wrote the president’s address?

After The NOT the State of the Union…action

Melbourne dumps cash into housing project

Visit Florida- the negotiation continues without the governor

Gabordi: Facts and numbers

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