The NOT the State of the Union Address!



It was one of the best presidential addresses I have seen.  Donald Trump was nothing short of presidential and optimistic as he delivered his agenda and its associated challenges to Congress.  We’ll talk it beginning in hour two of today’s show.  We have plenty of things to address ourselves on today’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY.  Could it be common sense is returning to America?  Just as we think it may be, Disney comes along and introduces our children to gay cartoon kisses.  There are forces that want cash to be illegal…they are not bright, but they are greedy.  Melbourne has breathed another couple of decades of life into its Downtown CRA and thrown money at a big housing project to do so.  Trayvon Martin’s family lawyer penned an editorial in recognition of 5 years since his death.  If you are going to call for remembering starting with the truth might be a good idea…not in this guy’s mind!   The lie filled editorial is linked up below.  On the Visit Florida front, the Florida House continues the negotiation without the governor playing along.  It’s a shame Rick Scott doesn’t understand this game.  So…what’s on YOUR mind?

Is common sense being restored?

Maybe not- Disney gives us gay cartoon kisses

Making cash illegal?

The president’s address

The president nailed it!

Even the left’s left thinks so

Melbourne dumps cash into housing project

If you are going to remember Trayvon, start with the truth

Visit Florida- the negotiation continues without the governor

Gabordi: Facts and numbers

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