Make yourself at home, Kellyanne!

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Kellyanne Conway has been caught on camera kneeling on a couch in the Oval Office with her high heels on, while President Donald Trump posed for a photograph with the leaders from some of the country's historically black colleges and universities.

The White House adviser has come under fierce criticism on Twitter with many calling her out for how disrespectful the pose is.

At one point, with her heels digging into the delicate fabric of the couch, Conway is seen to be texting on her phone while President Trump met with his invited guests. 

Moments after taking a photo herself, she was seen checking her phone, with her legs tucked beneath her.

Users on Twitter were quick to mock the adviser's own ill-advised pose with many shocked at the lack of formality displayed in such a formal setting.

A number of online commentators noted how casual Conway's pose appeared to be, considering the administration was making an effort to reach out to the black community.

'Shocking and bizarre. How do you get that comfortable in your boss's office? Especially in front of guests? Just when you think this administration couldn't shock you anymore...' wrote one user, while another thought the pose was more appropriate for someone at home: 'I sit on my couch like that. Only when I'm watching tv & having the Munchies tho.' 

Even so-called Kellyanne fans were dismayed by the lack of respect shown by the President's counselor: 'I'm a Kellyanne fan, but that is appalling. My mother never let us put our feet on the furniture! She sits in a desk chair with both feet & shoes bundled up under her in full view of the public as she scrolls through her phone.'

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