Be Careful of What You Speak!



Apparently in my business we need to be careful about whom we speak the truth as we see it.  In Montana the American Indian is off limits.  But a White Privilege tax is someone’s good idea!  $15/hour activists just keep going.  Where will you ever find jobs if you keep this up?  Marco Rubio- your latest trick is a cute one, but would you PLEASE get back to the business of confirming President Trump’s nominees and fixing the mess that is Obamacare!  President George W. Bush’s recent statements have been portrayed as anti-Trump.  I don’t read them that way.  President Trump says we are headed back to the moon…and given that understanding, it appears SpaceX is trying to beat NASA.  Melbourne Councilman Paul Alfrey was scheduled to join us in the 8am hour; however he is under the weather and won’t make it in today.  We’ll reschedule him as soon as we can work it out.  Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott will join us today as the Independent Party of Florida no longer exists.  The Supervisor will tell us why and what former Independent voters can do.

Radio host suspended for opinion

Here’s your white privilege tax

But wait, there’s more!

Independent Party voters- the party’s over!

You $15/hour activists- keep going!

Marco- stop being cute and get to work

President G. W. Bush’s comments not necessarily as portrayed

Trump’s idea for NASA- to the moon, Alice!

SpaceX says they’ll beat NASA there

Gabordi: Facts and numbers

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