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Do you prefer the Daytona 500 or the Oscars?  For most of us, it’s the former.  We aren’t particularly enamored with the idea of Hollywood gushing all over itself.  It’s largely a closed club where folks who think like us are shunned or outright ridiculed.  Opportunities are taken to bash the president and conservative thought and most of us just have better things to do with our time.  It’s good to see that, while Hollywood goes after him, President Trump is going after governmental regulations!  Did Lady Gaga cost the Falcons the Super Bowl?  Well, maybe…  Come on, pastor!  Are you serious?  Comparing demonic activity to the crowd at the Trump Melbourne rally?  I wonder what your parishioners think of that.  Um, Florida Today, we want to believe the non-biased line.  We really want to, but the rhetoric in the Islamic Society open house story isn’t helping!  House Speaker Richard Corcoran is going after local tourism and EDC type spending next, but is he going too far on regulating local government?

Political Award Shows turn us off

And it’s not like they get it right

Trump goes after governmental red tape

Actually more credible: Lady Gaga lost Super Bowl for Falcons

Really, pastor?  Get a grip!

Oops, Florida Today, your reporter bias is showing

Corcoran/Scott battle to go local

Where Corcoran may go wrong

New Hampshire- no license required to carry concealed

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