Ready...Set...BE OFFENDED!



We are a READY TO BE OFFENDED society.  We lurk just waiting for the right person to say just the wrong thing…and then we pounce!  An NFL star takes his free time to go speak to elementary school kids in his team’s town.  He crosses the PC line as it relates to gender roles and WHAM-Jameis Winston is apologizing for being a great guy to these kids!  A North Carolina billboard carries roughly the same message and the protest is set for this Sunday.  Ladies, grab your little pink body part hats and head to Greensboro!  The Tampa Bay Times has a series that appears to be going anti-gun.  I have news for them, the stats are skewed and the guns do not act on their own!  Representative Randy Fine will join us in our 7am hour and Florida Today’s Bob Gabordi is our guest in the 8am hour.  We’ll tackle the week in Tallahassee and the president’s “war” with the media as we close our week together here on BML.

Let’s not be so sensitive

NC billboard carries same message

Political Award Shows turn us off

Buzz series on guns off base

Corcoran stands for us vs Scott

House hands Scott a loss

County Commission also considers “medical” marijuana rules

Bob Gabordi: Media not the enemy

With MSNBC-maybe they are

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