Schools: Return to Normalcy



The big news today is out of Washington where the Trump administration has returned normalcy to our schools.  The LGBT crowd will be crying that protections have been removed for transgender students, but in reality protections are back in place for normal kids.  The 11th circuit has opened your gun cabinet to doctors; the Supreme Court may get the Christian florist/gay marriage debate.  We don’t like award shows; we like them even less when they turn political.  Republican establishment types are turning up the anti-Trump rhetoric.  Let’s not pretend they were ever on his side.  Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran is standing up for us vs Governor Rick Scott and the House is following his lead.  The governor still doesn’t get that this is a negotiation and he’s not at the table.  Sheriff Wayne Ivey spoke at the president’s appearance on Saturday and he got to meet President Trump and the First Lady…we’ll begin our discussion there at 8am when the Sheriff joins us in studio.

11th Circuit says docs may ask about guns

Supreme Court to get Christian Florist case

It IS about bathrooms and President Trump gets it

Political Award Shows turn us off

Establishment Republicans making noise- were NEVER on Trump’s side

Corcoran stands for us vs Scott

House hands Scott a loss

County Commission also considers “medical” marijuana rules

Port/Commission/Hotelier squabble over port property

Port turning profit on other land deal

Bob Gabordi: Media not the enemy

With MSNBC-maybe they are

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