A Refreshing Change or Do You Hear What I Hear?

It’s clear, we are a divided country. Those of us on the right cannot be swayed by those on the left and visa versa…in most cases. There is a distinction. Let’s compare and contrast through observation of our last two presidents.

I was at the Melbourne International Airport when President Trump and the First Lady came to speak on Saturday night. While the president didn’t say anything really new, nothing news making or a drastic change in policy, it was interesting to hear and see him from the moment Air Force One taxied to the open hangar doors.

The First Couple exited the plane together. And when they got to the stage, it was owned by Melania. The president knew it was hers. He watched her own the crowd as she approached the podium. Her pride in being First Lady was evident. She respected the people there and her unique position. She spoke of that and then led the Lord’s Prayer.

Her husband then came to the mic. He was now President Donald Trump and he has not gone unchallenged in that role. He handled the challenges with strength and dignity. He spoke of them and of action. He has done this since his election. While his points were largely reiterating previous statements or positions, he got huge applause when he spoke of peace through military strength, completing the keystone and other pipeline projects with American jobs and protecting the country from Radical Islamic Terrorism as he hinted at a new Executive Order we are waiting for this week.

The distinction is easy to see…a president who believes in a strong America with a wife who feels the same, as opposed to an America in need of fundamental transformation. A couple who is proud of what America is and can become with a positive vision for the future as opposed to not feeling proud of the county unless you are living in the White House. A president who can recognize the enemies we face and call them by name as opposed to one who would soft pedal the harsh reality of dangers we face.

I, for one, am glad we have a president who backs and supports our military and believes in America being great…again. It’s a refreshing change!

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