WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY- Snowflakes, Schools and The County Commission

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What’s on your mind today?  That is what a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY is all about…oh, we have some stories we didn’t get yesterday, and we’ll have new ones in play, but it’s your day!  For my part…the list is extensive and we could go anywhere- schools (from software to cops high fiving kids and people wanting that stopped).  How about free college for blacks or snowflake news for those who just can’t handle the real world?  Docs and guns, yes, it’s in play.  The County Commission work shopped ethics and considers “medical” marijuana rules.  All that and whatever is on your mind is where we go on today’s BML…so, what’s it to be?

UW-M students back free college for all blacks

Snowflake news for those who can’t cope with reality

Reverse suspensions working for middle school

Cops’ High Fives for kids out at MA school

It’s not money schools need

Sure- boycott…here are the results

Blackburn on right track with software

Commission workshops ethics, plays word games

Also considers “medical” marijuana rules

11th Circuit says docs may ask about guns

Supreme Court to get Christian Florist case

Port/Commission/Hotelier squabble over port property

Port turning profit on other land deal

Bob Gabordi: Media not the enemy

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