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President's Day Second Amendment Celebration!

It’s been an active several days since we were last together.  I celebrated the 2nd Amendment with friends yesterday, the president came to town, the governor’s staff reacted to Randy Fine, the Florida House reacted to the governor (and he ain’t happy), the House also is moving on healthcare changes, County Commissioner Jim Barfield Bolin-Lewis has a bad memory or he’s a liar, the Port could be rivaling the airport when it comes to land deals and the White House is preparing a new travel Executive Order, as the president stated here on Saturday.  It’s a Tuesday, and it’s a good day on BML! 

UW-M students back free college for all blacks

11th Circuit says docs may ask about guns

Supreme Court to get Christian Florist case

Sure- boycott…here are the results

President Trump’s visit: What Florida Today said (in part)

Fine comes off as adult in Visit Florida battle with governor

House moves on VISIT FLORIDA negotiation

Governor doubles down on STUPIDITY

Fl House moving on healthcare reform regardless of DC Obamacare moves

Port/Commission/Hotelier squabble over port property

Port turning profit on other land deal

White House preparing new Executive Order on travel

Bob Gabordi: Media not the enemy

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