Does Your Lifestyle Deserve a Shrine?

In any other year having 10 people shot at your club would make the location infamous. But, that’s not the case with 2016. In any other town, having the largest mass shooting in American history would be a solemn reminder of the fragility of life and how suddenly it could be lost. That’s also not the case in 2016 Orlando.

Setay McKnight’s Orlando’s Glitz Ultra Club was the scene of a mass shooting. Ten people were shot, two were killed. It was early to mid-fall as I recall when it occurred. In any other year, the criminal highlight of the year. Not in 2016. In 2016 it was a few months too late.

In June of 2016 the Pulse Nightclub, a gay club, was attacked by an ISIS inspired terrorist. 50, later reduced to 49, were killed and another 50 or so were wounded. It was and still is a national story with international implications. It has societal implications, too.

I was surprised when the Glitz shooting was reported that there were no mourners rallying around the site. I suppose gang on gang violence isn’t as sexy as an Islamo-terrorist killing a bunch of gays at a gay bar. Gangs don’t have a national social agenda driving their cause across the country. There were no gang sympathizers to rally around the victims and their families. The city isn’t trying to buy the location and make it a shrine to gang violence. Nor should it be.

Yet, at the other mass shooting site, the one with the social agenda wrapped around it, Orlando wants to buy the Pulse and make it a shrine to…to what? Homosexuality? Terrorism? Mass murder?

Hundreds, if not thousands, gathered around Orlando’s gay community after the Pulse shooting. Millions of dollars were donated and handed out to victims and their families. Good for them that they had this support in their tragedy.

Not so on the other side of town where violence that would have gotten attention didn’t because it just wasn’t big enough, or it just wasn’t gay enough. There will be no shrine there. And in the news today, the Glitz owner is facing big financial woes and has filed for bankruptcy.

You don’t have to wonder what would have happened had this been a gay club…the Pulse owner is refusing the city’s offer of millions of dollars to sell in order that the city could erect its shrine to morbidity. Good for her. Because morbid is exactly what it would be. She’ll reopen and the community will rally around the club.

At Glitz, the owner will lose the club and the gangs will move on to other locations for their drinking and violence.

The point is, there is little difference in what happened at the two locations. Mass murder is mass murder. 10 being shot or 100, either is worthy of note and of disdain. Orlando is wrong to attempt to glorify either. Orlando only chose one…is Orlando enamored with gay society or just racist?

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