Brevard Public (Airport-landlord style) Schools


Brevard Public Schools - LANDLORD OF THE DAY!

It never fails…when left wing reporters report facts and not dogma, the left skewers them.  In this case it made the gay reporter conservative!  How about a pin to wear showing your white privilege and your ignorance about it?  Melbourne…be careful!  A politician US Marshal brought Palm Bay flying cops!  I like the PB City Manager…is it pay raise time for him?  Personally, as a friend I want him to get it…practically, it isn’t time.  Governor No Clothes is headed here to trash Randy Fine and other state representatives who want accountability from Visit Florida and other state agencies.  It’s part of the escalating battle between Speaker Richard Corcoran and the governor without a clue.  It’s time the governor learned we elected these representatives because we are tired of what we are getting from Tallahassee.  There’s your clue, governor.  Now, act on it and require some accountability for the tax dollars we spend in the name of tourism and economic development!  Anyway, we have a better visit for you this week…we hope.  It appears President Trump may stop by Melbourne International Airport on Saturday to say thanks to Space Coast voters.  Brevard Schools has decided to become the Melbourne International Airport…that is LANDLORD, as the board will lease future school building property to the folks running the Space Coast State Fair.  It’s not a great deal, but it’s essentially something for nothing.  Usually the schools are on the other end of those circumstances!

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