Don't Mess with Texas- or the Rest of Us!



The NFL is trying to wield its considerably smaller influence in Texas.  Texas is having none of it!  Not saying you or I agree with the agenda, but did anyone think Playboy was making a productive move when it went away from nudes?  They’re back!  Geraldo Rivera is often a lost ball in tall weeds, but in this case, he’s nailed Yale.  A military vet has a legitimate criticism of American colleges.  Why isn’t the press concerned about terrorists entering the country?  We should be concerned about how antigun nuts are dealing with our law enforcement officials.  We do have an answer for that … Firearm Sanctuary Cities!  Is the School Board learning from the MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT?  Maybe!  They want to be a landlord!  Richard Corcoran shows no sign of backing down on the state’s ridiculous spending.  All this in play and it’s only Tuesday!

NFL threatens Texas…that is NOT smart!

NFL vs Texas…I’ll take Texas every time!

From the do what you do best file

Geraldo resigns Yale post over slavery hysteria

Vet cites culture of segregation on campus

No concern over terrorist entry to USA

Sheriff forced to disarm…while ON DUTY

Here is the answer- Firearm Sanctuary Cities

South Lake closed, to be a choice school?

School Board to get in fair business?

Corcoran going all out

WSJ stands by objective coverage

Bob Gabordi is asking for it!

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