Don't Go Stupid on Roads!



If the latest in climate news is correct, Satellite Beach, if you believe the city‘s logic, can’t still be there!  Roads, pedestrians and bicycles are a dangerous combination and trying to make roads something more than where the motor vehicles belong is a huge mistake.  The TDC is about to take another step over the edge into lunacy.  It’s not like Disney and other Orlando area parks need our advertising dollars, but they may be getting them!  And then, the travel gurus want stadium monies reduced in favor of more of their judgment in advertising!  I think not!  Is criticism of Reince Priebus as Chief of Staff justified?  Are the courts the final answer on immigration?  The president’s 3rd week in office was a Law and Order kind of week.  There is even more opportunity ahead as vacancies on the federal bench are at the highest numbers since a Clinton was president.

Why is Satellite Beach still here?

When you try to make them more than they are…roads

Let’s advertise and provide rides for Disney

And while we’re at it, let’s neglect stadium and waste more

Priebus criticism justified?

Miller: Judiciary is not supreme

Law and Order- Trump’s 3rd week

Opportunity ahead

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