NFL Has Snowflakes? You Bet It Does!



The media is off base in its criticism of President Trump as it pertains to John McCain’s comments on military action and success or failure.  The focus should be McCain’s idiocy, not the president’s criticism of McCain.  One college wants to take its snowflake training to you.  We have 5 NFL snowflakes who won’t go to the White House to celebrate the Pats Super Bowl win!  A Rockledge father has lived a tragedy in the death of his child in the back seat of his vehicle.  He is getting a sentence that looks light, but he’ll never be the same.  The 9th Circuit ruled against the president’s immigration Executive Order.  The dopers in Tallahassee are telling the health department how they want their “medical” marijuana.  Scott Ellis wins a statewide First Amendment award!  The media seems focused on itself as opposed to the news and Bob Gabordi is worried about public records under siege!

State Representative Randy Fine is with us at 7 and Florida Today’s Bob Gabordi is here at 8.  Bob emailed earlier and is under the weather...we wish him the best and will catch up with him next week!

McCain way off base

Just in case you haven’t been trained well enough

College job performance tied to agenda driving

NFL Champs not going to the White House

Rockledge father sentenced for child death

Appeals court rules against president, appeal coming

Dopers express wishes with Health Dept on “medical” pot

Ellis wins Friend of First Amendment Award

Media stuck on itself, not the stories

Bob Gabordi: Public Records under siege

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