Fragile Kids, Misguided Commission & an Attorney's Guide to Executive Orders


If the noted survey is correct, we have a generation of kids who just can’t stand being offended and believe that government should be involved in protecting their fragile egos.  Our high schools aren’t helping in that regard.  But, home school your kids and in some places you could go to jail.  The County Commission has handed off county responsibility to a search firm in seeking Stockton Whitten’s replacement.  BAD IDEA.  It wastes money and, with a reported 27 HR employees at the county, just what are those folks doing that would preclude them from screening applicants for the commission?  The Florida House has started after Visit Florida and Enterprise Florida, the governor’s pet money wasting projects.  The battle is just beginning, but it’s good to see someone standing up for taxpayers!  In hour 3 today we’ll talk with Attorney Joe Mitchell, the host of Callin’ the Law Sundays at 11am on WMMB.  Joe will help us track the progress of the president’s immigration Executive Order and what the process is likely to yield. 

We have to stop raising snowflakes!

This isn’t going to help

Home school your kids, lose them, go directly to jail!

Commission errs in paying for search firm- it’s the COMMISSION’S job

House targeting incentives for business

Governor takes on Speaker…Governor lost ball in tall weeds

The bill is moving through the House

Trump AG pick confirmed

Texas goes one way

NY goes the other

Media stuck on itself, not the stories

Bob Gabordi: Public Records under siege

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