WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY- Testing Commitment Edition

How committed do you have to be in order to get out and protest?  Not very, apparently.  We begin our day there.  Colleges in FL are also subject to the idiocy of the left and one of them has classes right here in Brevard!  Folks are rallying for the fired Assistant Public Defender…he must not have been their attorney.  The County Commission will be taking a hard, serious look at CRA’s and that is a good thing.  The Florida House is looking at business incentives and they appear to be way out of line.  The governor is talking down the House and the governor is clueless.  In national news, the Vice President has done more than any predecessor I can remember except for Spiro Agnew.  But Agnew’s actions sent him to jail!  In the immigration battle, it should be no surprise that Texas is going one way while New York is going the other.  However, seeing that this is a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY, just what’s on your mind?

Committed to the cause…almost

FL schools not immune to leftist stupidity

Black Attorneys Matter

Commission hosting CRA workshop

House targeting incentives for business

Governor takes on Speaker…Governor lost ball in tall weeds

VP casts tie breaker

Texas goes one way

NY goes the other

Media stuck on itself, not the stories

Bob Gabordi: Public Records under siege

Protesters march across Boston Commons during the Boston Women's March for America on January 21, 2017.  Led by women in pink


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