Where is Royce Bartlett When You Need Him?


It’s that kind of week…more stories than we will ever have time to get covered.  We begin our day in Shooting Straight land with 3 firearms related stories.  Suddenly the Democrats are losing the public relations battle in DC.  The County Manager is leaving his job…that is interesting timing.  WAWA has Melbourne’s support.  John Morgan, for the dopers, just looks like he wants to be governor.  I don’t see anybody stopping him.  The Speaker of the House and the Governor are at odds and the Speaker is on the right track.  Florida will also consider a Sanctuary Cities bill to penalize those governments that don’t comply with law.  And IN DC, the president has taken a stand for churches.  Florida Today’s Executive Editor Bob Gabordi will join us at 8am as we talk the media in this new presidential world and more.

One for Royce- wiping out gun free zones

Make it two for Royce- Go Wyoming

It’s a TRIFECTA- premises liability

For a change, Dems losing PR battle in DC

Whitten leaving County Manager position- off to EFSC

Yacht Club opinion unimportant- Melbourne backs WAWA

John Morgan…making a run?

Corcoran/Scott faceoff ahead- GO CORCORAN!

FL to consider strong Sanctuary Cities bill

Trump takes a stand for churches

USA not funding terrorism would be a good idea

Bacon reserves running low

Lagoon spending about to go wild

Gabordi- Reed out, media should rethink Americans

Intentional or not, Trump beating the press in public

White House vs. stumbling media

Mainline media stuck on stupid

First, you must admit you have a problem

THE MATT REED SHOW- final edition with guest: Bill Mick

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