A Black Snowflake, Stupid Democrat Tricks & a Wannabe Airport

We may have discovered the world’s first black snowflake.  We have no idea how he will survive in real life.  Americans and Arabs are agreeing with the president’s “travel ban.”  It’s funny to watch Republicans act like they have some fortitude with Donald Trump as president.  Federal employees are doing their part to undermine the president…they had best watch out.  He was on The Apprentice!  The White House says the president will fulfill his campaign promise to do away with gun free zones!  Here’s an interesting idea, how about the US decide to NOT fund terrorism?  Here in Florida the governor’s budget proposal will allow the folks at Melbourne International Airport to think they are actually an airport for a while.  The Speaker of the House is holding his ground on tourism dollars and economic development handouts.  Representative Randy Fine is with us in our final hour today and we’ll talk budget issues and more.  Matt Reed’s last television show with Florida Today is in the can…and it’s linked for you at the bottom of this page as I guested on the show and turned the tables on Matt for the last segment.

Black Snowflake Ivy Leaguer can’t handle white professors

Americans agree with president’s “travel ban”

UAE STANDS UP FOR Trump “travel ban”

Immigrant Prof tells students, staff they are un-American

Stupid Democrat tricks don’t work

Federal employees should be fearful…especially if they are doing this

One for Royce- wiping out gun free zones

USA not funding terrorism would be a good idea

Bacon reserves running low

Governor’s budget wish list

Budget allows Melbourne International to continue with pipe dream of being an airport

Corcoran holding his ground on budget/tourism dollars

Lagoon spending about to go wild

Gabordi- Reed out, media should rethink Americans

Intentional or not, Trump beating the press in public

White House vs. stumbling media

THE MATT REED SHOW- final edition with guest: Bill Mick

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