WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY- Supreme Pick Edition!

Harley Davidson needs some good guy bikers to stand up for it…apparently the American motorcycle manufacturer is afraid of anti-Trump protesters.  Locally, comments on the so-called travel ban are less than stellar.  The president has named his first Supreme Court nominee and he’s named a good one.  The administration is winning the battle with the press as the press takes its time learning that there is a new sheriff in town.  The governor has released his budget desires and the legislature isn’t likely to comply.  Lagoon spending is about to go off the charts and County Commission Chair Curt Smith is inviting you to an ethics workshop.  If a bunch of us decide to go, they will have to move the meeting.  From our side, a lot to cover, but it is a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY…what is it you want to discuss?  It’s your turn when we get to to the phones on today’s BML.

Harley Davidson- not so tough

Eric Garvey comes out as idiot on Trump vetting policy

Trump Supreme Court pick is a home run!

Nuke option likely not needed to confirm

Governor’s budget wish list

Corcoran holding his ground on budget/tourism dollars

Lagoon spending about to go wild

Commission Chair invites public to ethics workshop

Intentional or not, Trump beating the press in public

White House vs. stumbling media

Smart Sanctuary City policy proposed

Gabordi- Reed out, media should rethink Americans

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