The Boy Scouts Aren't! Kristine Isnardi at 8

Alright guys, camping with the Boy Scouts just got a lot more interesting!  She-males who identify as boys will be allowed in…and since they are now boys, they get to sleep in a tent with real boys…else you’ll be discriminating against them!  I think we now have proof the Florida Senate doesn’t get or understand ethics.  Then again, it could just be a problem with lawyers!  A leftover lawyer from the Obama administration has been fired from the Trump administration for refusing to do her job.  You see, Loretta Lynch is gone and her ideas don’t float in the DOJ anymore.  When it comes to the president’s vetting policy, Florida Today has exposed some ignorance of the Tourism community.  And whether it’s intentional or not, President Trump is beating the press in the public eye!  One Colorado legislator is proposing a smart sanctuary city policy…let’s hope it catches on!  And in his first column since Matt Reed’s departure, Florida Today Executive Editor Bob Gabordi says the press needs to rethink Americans…a wise piece of discernment by Gabordi.

Here go the Boy Scouts…Anything Scouts?

Proof the Senate does not get the ethics idea

Obama leftover goes political against President Trump

You’re Fired!  Yes, it’s happened, and it should have

Eric Garvey comes out as idiot on Trump vetting policy

Intentional or not, Trump beating the press in public

Smart Sanctuary City policy proposed

Gabordi- Reed out, media should rethink Americans

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