It's Called Acting Like a President

While the media melts down over the apparent change in protocol by President Trump (not waving to them from the stops of AF1, not giving the AP the first question in the press briefing, using the term “radical Islamic terrorism”), the president went about his business signing executive orders and doing his job.  Negotiations on military supply costs are working, immigration changes have begun, sanctuary cities are on notice and the country is in an uproar over the vetting of immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries.  We’ll talk these stories of the new presidency and more with Mike Haridopolos in our 8am hour.

Prior to that we have these stories in play:

Even the medical profession has been invaded by political correctness and that’s a shame.  If you can’t speak with clarity in a medical situation, you risk people’s health.  There was more abuse than we knew with state tourism contracts.  BREC wants to expand…I would like them to get their act together first.  The ever-embattled with the county Cocoa Expo has filed for bankruptcy protection.  Sometimes you can’t be protected from yourself.  Brevard’s transportation summit winds up being a call for more money…it always is.

When you aren’t born equipped for the job…

More state tourism contract misuse

BREC wants to expand…needs some standards first

Cocoa Expo files bankruptcy

Brevard transportation summit a cry for more money

CA wants to secede from the Union

Executive Order calls for extreme vetting

Court grants stay of immigration “ban”

History on president’s side of the issue

Idiots protest at Port…the flying phallus of cruising has a purpose

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