The US, Mexico & the Press: ON EDGE for NOTHING

What wonderful examples we get from our educators…and while this is largely actually true, the exceptions are horrid.  Take for example our lead story today wherein the teacher decided to play the inauguration for her students and then “assassinated” President Trump with a water gun while screaming, “die” at the president.  Apparently Chili’s can’t take the heat of a franchisee holding a Planned Parenthood fundraiser.  Speaking of heat, the media continues to melt down over the nontraditional actions of the president and his staff.  The NY Times melted down over the administration using the term “radical Islamic terrorism.”  I believe it is on their list of banned phrases.  They need to rethink that one!  Mexico is in a tizzy over the idea of a border wall.  They don’t like the idea.  Do we care?  The president had a very frank sit-down with FOX News’ Sean Hannity.  In our 7am hour State Representative Randy Fine will join us with an update on Tallahassee this week.

Starnes: Teacher shoots trump as class views inauguration

Chili’s can’t take the heat

Media meltdown: President didn’t wave entering AF-1

NY Times melts down over “radical Islamic terrorism”

Tariff on Mexican goods to pay for wall?

Mexico not happy with wall idea…who cares if they are unhappy?

Miami-Dade to comply, stop sanctuary policies

Trump talks with Hannity

FL House Dems walk out of hearing- didn’t like messenger

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