Look, Hoss! We can see the whole Ponderosa!

It’s amazing to me that kids who are learning history sometimes get it better than the adults who are running our schools.  It happened with a play in New Jersey and the politically correct school response just makes no sense.  What should I expect, though, when the White House Media has just as much trouble understanding the world around it and that the rules have changed!  If it were the Ponderosa, Hoss and Little Joe could see the entire ranch from it.  Since it’s not, the property management company that is the Melbourne Airport Authority will be able to see all of its property interests from the new control tower that will control far more property than it will airplanes!  Congress is following the president’s lead and undoing some Obama initiatives and even proposing a congressional pay freeze until the budget is balanced! 

Today will be Matt Reed’s last appearance with us as the Editorial Page Editor at Florida Today.  I have appreciated his appearances here over the last decade and the friendship that developed from that.  We wish him the best as he moves into a different career that will keep us talking- Matt is the new Assistant Superintendent of Government and Community Relations for Brevard Schools.

Funny, the kids get it

White House media still learning

That’s an impressive property management office

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Congressional pay freeze proposed

Administration moves to freeze Obama’s Palestine payment

Pipelines back in action by Trump

Immigration to be next?

And how about that wall?

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Matt Reed on Obamacare and coming changes

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