WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Rookie Commissioner Lesson Day

Should “Stand Your Ground” be a burden for the government to prove isn’t in play?  Is a comprehensive gun bill or individual ones better in the legislature?  The Brevard School Board looks to the future and approves new senior staff for the Superintendent.  Andy Ziegler doesn’t sound credible in his opposition to Florida Today’s Matt Reed taking over the communications duties for the District.  In the County Commission rookie commissioner John Tobia continued on his errant ways, but just may have learned something along the way.  In DC, President Trump continues his Executive Order binge undoing Obama disasters and implementing Trump’s own strategies.  In addition, the president says if Chicago can’t get the murder rate down, the FEDS will be coming in to take care of it…within his scope?  Those issues and whatever is on your mind are ahead today on BML- join us!

Stand Your Ground change being fought in Tally

FL Senate gun measures take different strategy

School Board hears proposals for future needs

Reed, other appointments approved- Ziegler disingenuous in opposition

Tobia gamesmanship is NOT about ethics

Pipelines back in action by Trump

Immigration to be next?

And how about that wall?

FEDS into Chicago?

Trump’s inaugural address- what America needed to hear

Matt Reed on Obamacare and coming changes


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