Trump Active in Week One; Tobia Tries Again

Finally NBC took action against the SNL writer who put Baron Trump in the political target zone.  She’s suspended indefinitely.  The media still doesn’t understand that with the new president come new rules to the White House Briefing Room.  Now, they praised the Obama administration when their changes came, but with the press being anti-Trump, they think they should be the ones in charge.  They have another think coming!  Speaking of the president, he has frozen federal hiring, withdrawn from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and reinstated a pro-life policy.  HE says taxes and regulation are next as bringing jobs back on our shores is a priority.  John Tobia has another slate for rules he wants to implement at the county level.  At first blush these don’t seem as egregious as his initial foray into introducing ordinances at the county level, but I’m pretty sure he’s not making strides at influencing other commissioners.  Look for the BIG GOVERNMENT libertarians (the ones who hate big government unless it’s their idea of big government) to be in full support of whatever Tobia tosses on the table.

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