On Monday's Mark Levin Show: Tom Marr of WCBM in Baltimore fills in for Mark. He discusses the Ferguson, Missouri situation and how there are people and groups inciting the protests down there. Malik Shabazz and other people aren't helping the situation and urging for peace and calm, but rather are inciting it and Attorney General Eric Holder hasn't helped the situation either. Tom talks about the facts we know and what we don't know regarding the shooting of Michael Brown. Also, Betsy McCaughey calls in and discusses the immigration debate and our southern border crisis. She says that we need to stop the expansion of the federal government and their programs and departments because many of them are not necessary. And in the end, it is we the taxpayer that has to pay the bill for the ever expansive government. Finally, President Obama spoke earlier Monday about the situation in Iraq, and clearly doesn't understand that we need to bring the fight to groups like ISIS that will not negotiate.


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