On Thursday's Mark Levin Show: Mark talks about a recent Supreme Court decision that grants the President the power to nominate and appoint Cabinet positions while Congress is in recess; even if the recess period is not specifically determined. Mark says this is a blatant abuse of power, and limits Congress' power once again to the Executive as the power lies with the President to do as he pleases. The President and the Executive is now able to manipulate the Appointment process as he pleases, and the Supreme Court is allowing it to do so. Mark says it should be a very big concern that President Obama has done so much already without Constitutional authority and yet nothing has happened to him. There's no impeachment brought against him, there's rarely any argument from many Republicans and definitely none from Democrats. Constitutionalism and Utopianism cannot co-exist as history has shown us, but hopefully the citizenry will realize this. Finally, Mark says he will donate $50,000 to a charity of President Obama's choice for an on-air debate between them regarding global warming.


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