On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show: Mark looks at the NBA Constitution and the legality of the NBA stripping the Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling of his ownership of the team. Mark takes a legal look at the language of the Constitution and agreement, and says that this may not stand up in court. Mark says sometimes we have this mob mentality where people disregard what the law allows and use political correctness and the mass media to get their decisions done. The legal system doesn't just exist for the poor - it exists for everyone, as we want justice done; therefore, you can't pick and choose which parts will be enforced. Mark challenges a Republican candidate to actually run against amnesty and to enforce the 2006 law that says a border fence will be built on the southern border. Mark discuses the death penalty and those that challenge it as inhumane. Finally, Richard Viguerie calls about his new book, Takeover.


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