On Friday's Mark Levin Show: Mark begins the show by talking about what is going on in the country; the intended fundamental transformation that is going on from the statist and its consequences. Mark reads from his book, "Ameritopia," and talks about those that want to eviscerate the Constitution so that power will rest on them. The statist wants centralized and consolidated authority. Mark also talks about the Ferguson, Missouri situation and how we now know that Michael Brown wasn't shot from behind and that the witness is retracting his original statement saying he was. Also, there was a Rabbi that was shot and killed in Florida, yet where is Eric Holder on this? Mark also talks about the threat we face from ISIS, how they are going to come across our unprotected southern border if they already aren't here, and that the President needs to start taking our security seriously. Why isn't the President pulling the nation together, and rallying the country together when we face dire threats?


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