On Monday's Mark Levin Show: Mark begins the show by talking about Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling's racist comments and says that obviously it was horrible what he said, but there's also a lot of other bad things happening in minority, urban areas that are hurting our children as well. For example, school choice and the fact that better education isn't being allowed in the form of school vouchers or choice because of politicians, notably in Washington D.C. Also, why isn't anyone questioning why the NAACP was going to give him an award when there were already stories about his past that were known? Mark also calls for John Kerry to resign because he warned that Israel could become "an Apartheid State." Mark says this is an absolute disgrace for our Secretary of State to say this as he continues to attack Israel when they didn't do any wrong. Mark also asks if it's finally time for a new Republican Party in the form of new leadership, voting out the RINOs and pushing forward conservatism. Speaker Boehner has chosen to push forward the amnesty agenda, despite the American people and conservatives not wanting it - and then he mocks us for wanting to protect America's cultures and traditions.


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