On Thursday's Mark Levin Show: Landmark Legal Foundation has issued a lawsuit against the EPA asking for sanctions because of their destroying of emails and public records. Mark says the EPA deliberately lost and destroyed emails that would have shown their intentional delay of environmental regulations until after the 2012 Presidential election. Mark says once again we have a government agency just like the IRS that is destroying evidence, destroying records, and ignoring the law. Also, President Obama goes off on what he calls 'unpatriotic' companies who take advantage of a tax loophole that allows them to leave the U.S. Yet Mark points out that America's tax code taxes these companies more than anywhere else in the world - so isn't it Obama who is unpatriotic with ridiculously high taxes that are forcing businesses to go somewhere else? Finally, John Baird, the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs calls in and talks about the situation in Gaza - Canada's relationship with Israel and how they are supporting them against Hamas.


Landmark Legal Foundation 

Landmark Legal Foundation 
Landmark's brief filed Thursday in federal court against the EPA seeking sanctions for widespread destruction of information

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