On Thursday's Mark Levin Show: Fox News' James Rosen calls in and talks about new documents that show Bowe Berghdahl may have declared jihad against America. He also brings up more questions about Bergdahl's capture or defection in Afghanistan, the motivations behind it, and what may have happened to him psychologically when he was held for 5 years. Mark says that it is President Obama's goal to shut down Guantanamo Bay before his Presidential term is over and that in order to do so, he released these 5 terrorists as a start. He is driven by ideologue and not by what is right - similar to what our Congress is doing by not securing the border and allowing illegals to run rampant here. Also, Obama says America doesn't leave anyone behind that's in uniform - well what about those in Benghazi that were asking for help and were ignored? Finally, audio from President Ronald Reagan on the 10th Anniversary of his death.


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President Reagan passed away 10-years ago today. Here is a video of his farewell address as he prepared to leave office in 1989. Well worth watching

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