On Friday's Mark Levin Show: Finally Speaker Boehner has come around and called for a Special Prosecutor in regard to the Benghazi attacks and cover-up. Mark lays out how this Committee must act - the challenges they will face from both the media, the Obama Administration and more and how although it may be difficult, the truth must come out. Now is the time to zone in on Benghazi and expose the massive cover-up that is Benghazi. The President Obama just didn't lie to Congress, he lied to the American people as well. Also, Mark dissects the new unemployment figures and says that the labor participation rate is at it's lowest, which is why the numbers may look good but in reality they are not. The country has deep, widespread economic problems because of the Democrat Party and it's policies. Also, Mark talks about illegal immigration, Jeb Bush and how even though the vast majority of Americans do not want amnesty, it is still being pushed. Finally, both Greg Brannon and Dave Brat call in about their upcoming races.


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