Melbourne City Manager has a good idea

Republican legislators want to hide their work

FOX NEWS POLL: We don’t trust the government

DC gun registration law upheld

It’s not often a City Manager gets credit for a good idea…Melbourne’s deserves it.  Why do Florida’s Republican legislators want their redistricting work hidden, even when it’s being used as evidence in court?  What do they have to hide?  Accordingly, a Fox News poll indicates we don’t trust government…ya think?  DC’s new gun registration law has been upheld.  On a related note, Royce Bartlett, host of SHOOTING STRAIGHT, now on Saturdays at 2pm on WMMB, will join us as we close the show today to give us a preview of his show.  Prior to that we will visit with Sheriff Wayne Ivey and talk about the new responsibilities his department will take on at the port.  In our 7am hour we’ll ask the question, “Who let the kids out of the baby pool?”  We are letting the politically inept run for office and control campaign messaging and it’s pretty ugly.  Of course, this helps us determine real candidates from the wannabe’s, but you’d think a serious candidate would know better.


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