(Photo: Facebook.com)

NASA: teaching dolphins English though sex (first words: oooh, baby?)

Two dead in Oregon school shooting

Obama seeks opportunity to act on gun control

Wants ban on autos, semi-autos

Bloomberg group twists the facts

Dad saves daughter, killing gunman

Eric Cantor loses primary to Tea Party candidate

Dual enrollment shrinking

Space tourism coming here?

Florida Today’s thumbs up/down

Money battle coming in marijuana vote

There are some things you just can’t make up…the idea that Lisa McDermott’s husband sent out multiple Facebook “like” requests for something called Wicked Awesome Deals in the week following the raid on his candidate wife’s business in a stolen property investigation is either the best sense of humor ever or completely moronic.  Then there’s the story of the NASA researcher who was sexing up an adolescent dolphin as she tried to teach him English.  We’ve had another school shooting in the USA, but don’t believe the stats you hear, even in Fox News reports.  The president is taking this as another opportunity to push for gun control.  We have the story of a heroic dad who would disagree and his daughter is alive to prove it.  The Tea Party had a mixed night as Eric Cantor is out in the House, but Lindsey Graham holds the R slot in the Senate.  Dual enrollment is shrinking in Brevard, and it should.  The marijuana amendment is bringing a money fight to Florida.  Those stories and wherever you decide to take us are in play on today’s WIDE OPEN WENDESDAY.

Obamacare fail- ER’s busier than ever

SecState not living in real world

Felonious connections- if we’re counting, Prime Time Charlie’s ahead

Bob Stover- an interesting look at editorial decisions

Matt Reed: Field of Dreams and politics

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