Look who is not immune from being (PC) banned

Health insurance costs up sharply under Obamacare

Bradley gets death

School closure criteria set…board sticking to bad idea

Florida Today’s thumbs up/down

Senate beer vote ludicrous (how FL tramples business)

Some people are just plain stupid (and not all of them are elected)

FOX News Channel’s Greg Gutfeld is with us at 8:45 as we talk his book, “NOT COOL: The Hipster Elite and Their War on You.”  Before that, it’s all up to you on this WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY.  What’s on your mind?  We’ll touch on everything form the Bradley sentencing, Michael Vick (not to be confused with Robin Fisher at the risk of lengthy unfounded accusations), Obamacare, school closure and the board getting it wrong again and how Florida tramples business.  Let’s see what our WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY holds.


Matt Reed: school pics show neglect, needed repairs

See Matt’s school pics here


Matt Reed: Jeb is right on immigration