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I know some of you have taken the Hillsdale College on line classes on the constitution.  How about your kids having an entire school curriculum from Hillsdale?  It’s here at Pineapple Cove Academy ( www.pineapplecoveclassicalacademy.com ) and we’ll talk with representatives from both in today’s 7am hour.



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I’m concerned that a local gun rights group has jumped the gun in filing suit against Eastern Florida State College.  Moving quickly (for an institution) EFSC is already changing its policy on guns in cars to comply with a recent court ruling.  The lawsuit comes too soon and appears to be unnecessary.  Of course, had EFSC spokesman John Glisch not stated the policy was remaining the same, it’s likely the suit would not have been initiated.  In other school issues we have a middle school asking kids questions they should not be asked, the US Senate taking up an anti-Common Core resolution and Florida superintendents meeting with the governor wanting more money (naturally) and just maybe taking a shot at Common Core.  Queen Mary has pushed her ban on your comments through Parliament (er, the County Commission) and you, the voter, are unimportant to them. On the law enforcement front watch out for cops in Denver, no not for tickets, apparently they can’t drive!  And the next time you see that speed trap and want to flash your lights to warn oncoming drivers go ahead…at least in Missouri.  It’s all in play as well as your topics as you direct us on this WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY.  Where do you want to go?


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