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Williams’ death details anger many

Spinning the school numbers

2nd Amendment focus of Sheriff race

Atheists attack GA high school football team

MO riots after shooting

Go looking for trouble, you may just find it

What’s on your mind?  Get it on the table for our discussion today at 321-768-1240.  It’s the day we turn topic selection over to you and the phone is your best chance of getting things started.  For my part, I’m wondering why all the whining over the details of Robin Williams’ death.  I hate it.  He was a comic genius.  But if the details can help someone suffering seek help, why not?  The 2nd Amendment the focus of one sheriff’s race.  Atheists are on the warpath, not just in Brevard.  We’ve had little time to discuss the post shooting riots in Missouri.  And if you are a reporter and you go looking for trouble you may just find it!  Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott is scheduled at 7:45 with an update on the Primary Election


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