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People are stupid…and cruel

Ohio college goes stupid on transgender training

Schools will not cut budget, still want tax hike

Cocoa Beach red light camera contract illegal

European court rules on life of web posts

Russia banning US from Space Station

If you like murder mysteries…worth a read

It’s a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY and we have everything from the Zodiac killer to the US being tossed off of the International Space Station in play.  It’s your day to choose; what’s on your mind?  Transgender training for college athletics departments, Cocoa Beach’s red light camera contract being illegal, schools not cutting the budget, but still wanting a tax hike?  We have it.  How about congress flying first class on your dime or a European court ruling that you can edit posts about yourself on the web?  We’ve got that, too.  But it’s your day to take us where you like.  What’s on your mind?


Bill proposed to stop congress from flying first class

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