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NFL has lost its mind

Washington Times right on Bloomberg, needs to study its Bible, though

Melbourne council says candidate is a resident

Commission says no to atheist group

Rick Perry turns himself in

MO governor “Obamas” the shooting case

When we hit the phones today it’s your turn to choose the topic.  What’s on your mind?  For my part, the NFL is losing it asking artists to pay to play the Super Bowl halftime show.  While the Washington Times may be right on Michael Bloomberg, it could stand to read its Bible a little more closely.  One Melbourne council candidate has squeezed into the race, but he should brush up on the role of the Supervisor of Elections.  The County Commission takes a stand against atheists trying to run over faith and tradition at their meetings.  Rick Perry now has a mug shot selfie and Missouri’s governor should shut up and let the professionals handle the situation in Ferguson. 

Early voting started Saturday and continues through Saturday.  We’ll have Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott with us at 7:45am with an update.  Florida Today’s Matt Reed will join us at 8am for our weekly chat.  Matt and I will discuss Florida Today’s endorsements and my election picks today on The Matt Reed show at 11:30am, 4:30pm and 10pm.  The show airs on Bright House channel 9, WEFS- TV.


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