Will Nancy Grace get the Paula Deen treatment?

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Fired IT employee to file whistleblower suit

Holder attacks “stand your ground”

DOJ seeks Zimmerman tips


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Paula Deen suffered severe career repercussions for words she uttered 20 years ago.  Will Nancy Grace have the same fate after using racial slurs against George Zimmerman this week?  Doubtful.  Would you like a state pension?  Just get elected to West Melbourne’s city council.  They voted the benefit to themselves last night.  While it may not be officially campaign season, the Brevard Times is getting a jump on 2014 with a look at County Commission District 2 candidates.  Governor Scott has another opportunity to cave to political pressure and we had best watch this one.  The heat is on to change or eliminate the “stand your ground” law in the state.  Scott has shown no political backbone and we will have to stand for this one.  The IT employee who outed the State’s misdeeds in the Zimmerman case will file a whistleblower suit and his attorney is calling for Angela Corey to resign.  The DOJ is diligently seeking to prosecute George Zimmerman while Eric Holder also attacks “stand your ground” laws.  All of that, and your stories on today’s WOW edition of BML.

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