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Clippers owner gets lifetime ban, won’t sell team

Players would have boycotted until ban

The NFL has another problem

Commission may oppose rail through Brevard, may not matter

FL Senate goes after craft brewers, House won’t address

Florida Today’s thumbs up/down

Matt Reed: pothole politics

Judge stops WI voter ID law

Russia, Ukraine, USA & astronauts…it’s very cold in space

Supremes weighing warrantless cell phone searches


Welcome back to your day on BML.  Oh, I have a slate of topics ready, but we’ll see where you’d like to take us.  I get that the NBA and many other folks are upset about the Clippers’ owner and his comments.  They have done everything but take his team away from him and they are trying to force that.  Is that right to do in a country that supposedly espouses freedom of thought?  Hey, the comments were distasteful, but they were also private.  Should his ownership be jeopardized by his attitudes?  The NFL has a different kind of problem.  It appears high speed rail will make its way though Brevard, but not stop here.  The FL Senate is continuing after craft brewers, but the House doesn’t appear to be playing ball.  A Federal judge in WI has stopped that state’s voter ID law.  The Russians appear to be threatening our astronauts over the situation in Ukraine.  And, lastly, the Supreme Court is taking on the issue of police searches of cell phones.  It seems easy to me, but as always, involve the lawyers and see it get complicated.  It’s all in play, plus whatever is on your mind on today’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY edition of BML.