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Justina Pelletier is heading home

Indian River man saves cat in strange way

Student tweets his way into trouble and court

Web site identifies YOUR TOWN by political leanings

Teachers union going after non-members

Phoenix VA paid bonuses to employees

Benghazi “suspect” captured…what now?

IRS cover-up: missing emails

House cuts IRS budget by 15%

Administration makes Border Patrol more dangerous

From a child returning to her parents care, saving a cat & twitter trouble to finding your political home town, teachers’ union thugs and federal foul ups, we have an interesting array of stories for today’s show.  But, it’s your day as we turn topic selection over to you this morning.  So, what’s it going to be?  If it’s on your mind, it’s on BML!

Embarrassment: FL in top 10 most corrupt states

Obamacare result: 40M Americans without insurance

Army investigating Bergdahl’s leaving base

Port predictions bold, promising

Matt Reed: Can the train be slowed?