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49ers have someone to pick on

Saving mom

Cheese wars

What if you threw a job fair and nobody showed up?

Jolly over Sink for Congressional seat

Polling trends against Dems for November

King Obama wants to dictate overtime pay

First you hire firemen you don’t need…then ask for a tax hike

Common Core books approved for Brevard

FT’s thumbs up/down

There you have it, my list for today.  But, it’[s not my day, it’s yours.  What’s on your mind?  Today is your chance to launch your topic of choice on BML.  Sure I want to talk the 49ers having a new punching bag in the locker room, the ridiculousness of the European Union trying to tell the US what we can call our cheeses and the idea that a job fair for marijuana shops in Colorado is a good idea.  Or how David Jolly handed Alex Sink her last loss as a serious candidate and what that and other news implies for Democrats in 2014 and beyond.  Then there is the Brevard fire official warning for cuts if they don’t’ get a tax hike…AFTER they hired more people than they needed and the Common Core books Brevard Schools decided to buy…but today is your day.  So, what’s it to be?


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