Sochi- the medal count

TOY STORY threat in London

Rockledge ticket campaign claims crosswalk infractions

Common Core opposition grows in US House

House caved, Cruz set to fight debt ceiling increase

Conservatives call for Boehner to go

How the House voted (Posey got it right)

Cocoa Beach acts on Starbucks for Stoners

TDC billboards as far north as VA

FT’s thumbs up/down

WOW!  FL students excel in PARTICIPATING in AP exams- no mention of how they scored

Western Maryland wants its own state

Ohio National Guard training targeted at us?



(Photo: Gettyimages.com )

It’s your day to drive the discussion on BML…so what’ll it be?  I’m thinking a stupid gun story from London, Rockledge and the next revenue generator, Common Core, academic participation trophies, another wanna be new state and whether or not conservatives are being targeted by our military.  But, today is up to you…what’s on your mind?


Matt Reed: Cocoa Beach looking up