Sochi- the medal count

If you’re going to go sailing

Maury and Springer writing your kids test questions

Funny is offensive and racist…and a college reacts stupidly

What Americans don’t get about science

Commission takes up American flag act

Satellite Council battles in press

Southern auto plants don’t want to be Detroit

Dunn verdict “troubling”

Matt Reed: school crisis is real

I was finally able to see the exciting USA men’s hockey win over Russia yesterday.  The scheduled airings were off and I was beginning to worry that I would miss it.  I’m glad I didn’t.  The US women are back in action today…can’t wait to see that!



As we get our week started we’ll take a look at a fateful trip, aboard a tiny ship.  Are Maury Povich and Jerry Springer writing your kids’ test questions?  What can’t you post without being racist?  What don’t Americans understand about science?  What are southern auto plants doing to avoid becoming Detroit?  Does government in the sunshine mean dueling letters to the editor?  And why is the Dunn verdict troubling to so many?  All in play today on BML…glad you’re with us.