NFL going after N-word

Spelling bee stopped…kids spelled all the words

FCC backs off…for now

White House won’t comment

DOJ revising media records process

UAW wants do-over in Tennessee

House R’s to go after regulation

Where some regulation makes sense

Gun bills in Tallahassee

Commission races and more

Minimum wage battle with governors in DC

“Medical” marijuana and our kids

Piers Morgan on his way out…thankfully!

Harvard giving us those who would take away freedom

CNN feels the same

Common Core marches on as legislators review

Can TDC, MLB and US Airways make Melbourne an airport?

Another commission candidate goes NPA…if he qualifies

Matt Reed: Who will watch school spending?

It was a busy news weekend and it’s left us with more topics than we have a chance to get to this morning.  We’ll tackle what we can and see where the morning takes us.  Of course, your calls are welcome along the way as we begin the week together on BML.


Mom with gun stops armed home invasion

The left’s flawed logic on Obamacare

FL Senate clears legislator residency standards


Gun makers looking south and west…EDC where are you?